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Tone indicators

I would be nice to have tone indicators in messages (near the tags at the bottom) to help differentiate from serious and silly posts. It's usually really easy to tell (because the userbase *usually* ends up making incredibly unhinged posts when joking/being sarcastic) but sometimes it's a little hard to read what the tone of a post is supposed to be. 

I remember way back in the day myspace had a "status" which was basically a microblog post and a "mood" that went along with it which were functionally just tone indicators for your status. These were just a standard set of options that you could pick from (my favorite mood being quixotic).

LJ had a much more expansive mood system where you could set custom themes and icons based on which mood you picked for your post. Something like that sounds like a flashy cohost plus feature for the very distant future and is not what I'm suggesting. I just want to be able to quickly convey if my post is a joke, or parody, or if I'm drunk chosting, etc and to quickly be able to determine the same of other peoples posts should they choose to tag their moods. I think a standard set here would probably actually work best (as opposed to a free response tag), because then you don't have to decode what some's tone indicator means.

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wouldn't you be able to just add a tone indicator in the post itself? I feel like people who use them easily would already be using them on their posts, and those who don't use them surely wouldn't start if this was implemented. also, you could use tags for this

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I think that if this was implemented people who are being funny would just start using it inaccurately a lot and cause even more confusion. People would start labeling jokes are ""very serious!!"" sarcastically, or use contrasting tones as a joke. Or just not use it at all.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a quick button in the post editor to attach emojis? Surely you could use those to recreate or format it how you like? That sounds like a fun new trend!

Also yeah you could just type it into the text box. Like a forums signature!

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