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Bookmark a post and allow them to notify the user of activity

Recently, I've been using cohost a lot more often with the mentality of treating every post almost like its own "forum thread"; each post contains a topic of discussion, and the comments enable conversation about that topic. But unless your comment itself is being replied to, there's no way to actually keep track of the conversation in the comments unless you just leave the post itself open in a tab, or manually look up the post you want to observe conversation in through either search or "posts you liked", which is kinda clunky. 

I think that this would help facilitate a community's ability to actively chat with and meet each other, due to the lack of more direct features for communications like a DM system. This might also encourage users to take advantage of the comment feature more often, something that I recently encouraged in a post on cohost itself.

Just an idea I thought of a few days ago that I wanted to leave here! Thanks for the website. :)

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Having a bookmark feature would be nice but I fail to see a need to be notified for others bookmarking posts you've made
people bookmark plenty of stuff for any reason. I think being notified of bookmarks (and possibly a bookmark counter, which I know you didn't mention but still seems like a feature somebody may undoubtedly suggest to go alongside this)  would just lead to some unneeded stress among users

With all due respect, I said exactly in the post why I want to see notifications on bookmarks -- because I would bookmark a post in order to stay engaged in the conversation in the comments.

Unless someone is directly replying to a comment you left, you have no way of keeping track of any conversation that might be happening in the comments unless you manually check each bookmarked post multiple times a day.

Additionally, by allowing users to opt in to notifications on a bookmarked post, this could enable people to create things like informational posts that can be edited with new or changed information, and the OP could leave a comment notifying people that the post information was updated. Other people can do the same; comment on a post with corrections or updates, that you can then know about and check the updates for. There are many reasons one might want to be notified of activity on a post.

Also, if you don't want notifications on a post, you can simply just click "don't notify me" or something like that. Turn it off if it stresses you out, but give people the option. More options is always a good thing to allow the user to customize their experience on the website. 

Hopefully that helps!

ahhh, ok. I see what you mean now.
yeah, that does sound good. I thought you meant people should be notified whenever somebody bookmarks a post they made.
your idea is a good one, and would make a great option.

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