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Filtered Content Warnings 'never show' not working

 I can't seem to get any filtered content warnings to work. At the moment, (as a test) I'm trying to filter all posts with tagged as #art.

When I enter #art in the 'never show' box, there is no dropdown list of suggested tags (which DOES appear for me in the muffled tags setting), and then when i enter my tag, it displays a small /!\ warning icon next to the tag.

On my main feed, I still see all posts tagged with #art.

Am I doing something wrong?

Ohh. I think I've misunderstood what the Filtered Content Warnings is referring to. It doesn't block 'tags'.

In that case, a 'never show' option for tags (in addition to muffle) would be wonderful, like this suggestion:

Gonna close this since it's not a bug. The full tag silencing is in progress.