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Mute asks and reblogs for specific users

 As asks are being enabled, my dashboard is getting really spammy with conversations I don't find interesting. I've had the same issue with the way some people use reblogs. I don't want to unfollow these people because I like their original posts.

I'd like some method to mute asks and reblogs by user, so I'll only see their original posts in my dashboard. I still want to be able to see asks and/or reblogs for other users, though.

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I made an account to post this request, so I'm glad to see it's already on here. Cohost has gone from the site I'most happy to check every day to that same sort of vague feeling of necessity, like "just part of my routine I guess." Muting reposts per account would be excellent, but the asks are *really* spammy, as above. Popular accounts, especially artists, get *so many*, and I can think of relatively few I actually enjoyed having on my timeline. I don't want to unfollow these people, as the posts they make are what led me to follow them in the first place. But it would be so good if I could mute their asks and / or their reposts. Given that we can filter those posts out when we visit profile pages, I infer reposts and asks are already labeled separately, internally. Maybe I'm wrong of course.

Seconding this. I don't want to rain down on anyone's fun but it can get to be a bit much. And it's not the users, there just needs to be more tools to control what and how much we see.

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