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Inbox shows a number suggesting I have new asks, but no new asks are visible



Steps to repro: ???

Cohost is showing me as having a few pending asks, but I see no new asks in my inbox, and visiting my inbox is not clearing the little callout telling me I have pending asks.

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i'm having this same issue! the inbox notifies me that I have 2 pending asks but my inbox is empty.  I tested one by sending myself an ask and that ask DOES show. I tested it again logged out and sending myself an anonymous ask, and this DID NOT appear in my inbox although it does notify me I have an ask pending. I'm assuming the problem lies with anonymous asks.

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 currently up to 6 asks that i just straight up cannot read. the number on my inbox stays there too and it's so annoying :( i want it to go away :(

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i just sent myself an ask from a private window where i wasn't logged in. i can't see this ask in my inbox but every other ask shows up (normal anon asks, asks from my own account, asks from my side account, asks from other people's accounts). so yeah i think that's it!!

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I also have this issue right now.

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just gonna reply to this since i have exactly the same issue

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I'm dealing with this issue rn too, I have two asks that I can't see or read...

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I have this issue too! QwQ

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I've had this issue until today, where logging in and out seems to have made it worse in that now, suddenly, the notification number is gone. I do not know if this means the phantom asks are dead, or just considered "read". I still see nothing in the Inbox page itself.

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I am currently having this issue right now on my other page and it sucks. Esp since I just advertised it and now there's two asks I cannot access nor respond to. It sucks because I was so excited to answer them and I've done everything from switching pages to logging in on my PC to see if it's just a mobile issue.

I wonder if this is a main account issue, but it seems like all of us are having this prob even on our main or primary page. This is the first time I've had to log support, and I hate it. I really don't think this is gonna be fixed in a reasonable amount of time, esp with how laser focused assc was on Asks and now they're focused on Tipping.

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why is this marked as solved? logged out asks still don't show up. the notifications have been removed but the actual bug that caused them still exists.

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I created a topic specific to logged out anonymous asks:

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Yep, it's the same for me as well. I didn't log out and back in, but the notifications are gone. I know for a fact all my phantom notifications were from logged-out test anons I sent myself, and they're still not visible in my inbox. So it appears that the surface-level issue specific to this topic has been "fixed?" But there's no topic specifically for the related problem of logged-out anons not working. I don't know whether to make a separate report, or if that would be considered the same issue as this one.

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The notification bubble is gone but the key problem still persists, and it's that i can't see the asks :/

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