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Comment Thread Folding.

 Basically, press a button on the left of each comment to collapse it and its replies to make large comment chains navigable.

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yes please. i'm imagining a rounded magenta button with a beige symbol, different depending on what state it's in. maybe minus to collapse and plus to expand? perhaps double arrows pointed inward to collapse, and outward to expand? something easily understandable for sure.

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Yes, would definitely love this. 

Would also like it if comments weren't progressively squished in width as each thread gains more comments.

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+1 for this. This would make navigating to a repost's comments much easier, _especially_ when the original post is quite popular and has many comments. When this happens, I have to scroll quite a bit to find the next "in reply to @x's post:", which also for some reason is also link back to the post but not the other way round? [Example post]( - this is a 1st level repost, but hopefully you can realise what I mean when it gets reposted several times and those ones are also popular / controversial.

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