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Add collapsing to mobile bios?

Currently, when viewing an individual chost on mobile, the  choster's entire bio loads before the post itself. This is basically fine for short bios, but now that folks have loaded up their bios with links, entire animations, players, etc., sometimes you need to scroll down a ways just to see the post someone texted you a link to.

Ideally, this could be changed via redesigning the mobile interface, but that's a big ask (though I'm sure various tweaks are already on staff's roadmap). Would it be possible to just collapse large bios in some way on mobile with an option to expand? It's not a huge problem, but adds a slight extra barrier that I feel could be smoothed out.

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Coming back to this to add some more feedback. I like sending cohost links to my girlfriend who is still an avid Tumblr user. She likes the idea of the site and the posts I send, but having to scroll through massive bios, the "private note" field, and any pinned tags all before getting to the content itself makes the site feel very uninviting for her on mobile. She describes it as a worse-looking Imgur at best which I don't think is the intended vibe and is probably turning people away who arrive from a direct post link on Discord or whatever.

Yes, there are scripts that can be deployed to change how the site looks, but that doesn't change how the site functions for someone who is logged out or not registered and/or doesn't know how userscripts work. As much as I love how cohost functions for me as a desktop user, it's nowhere near as intuitive for newcomers on mobile right now.

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I always assumed it's something that will be reworked in the future (there are many major graphic design concerns that aren't immediate priority), so I was never worried about this, but I do agree that the issue isn't merely aesthetic but may be a major deterrent to interacting with the website for people who primarily browse on their phones.

I also am a desktop user but I'm very conscious of how my page would appear to someone who opens it on mobile. I have an intention to one day build an

 art archive on cohost and link it on my website under a label "archive" but I couldn't really do that with the current design in place because someone who doesn't know the platform opens the link, expects images, but gets a whole screen filled with a color field with a bio on it, some hashtags in a cutoff box underneath‚Ķ I imagine many people would simply bounce of confused and leave.

I described my niche use case. Cohost isn't developed as an "art archive builder". But this applies all the same if someone wanted to link their "blog" or "writing" or whatnot. And as described as op: simply to share a post with a friend

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It would also be a potential fix to have the site scroll down to a top-of-post anchor if the post was not already well visible on first load (which as stated is often the case on mobile browsers)

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