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indicator for the author of a post after the top of the post has scrolled off the screen

often when i read a post that's long enough for the top of it to scroll off the screen, i'll forget who the author is once its not on screen. (or more accurately i'll have a memory that's hazy enough that i'm not sure if its the person whose icon i remember seeing who wrote it or if its a rechost)

the solution to this at present is to scroll back up to the top of the post, read the name again and try to commit it to memory this time, then scroll back down and then uh oh which paragraph of this post was i even reading. this is time consuming and annoying and i bet i'm not the only person whose brain has this problem and/or the adjacent problem of reading half a post, having to look at something else for 5 minutes, then come back having forgotten the author.

the most obvious feature that'd fix this is to have the name/icon of the author (and maybe also the person you follow who reposted it) scroll with the top of the screen instead of scrolling off. (i remember this being how tumblr did it but its been several years since i used that website.) i'm also not sure how well this would handle long posts that are composed of a conversation across multiple reshares, where i'd want the reminder about who the current speaker is as well as who they are speaking to as well as who rechosted it onto my feed.

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