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Silencing a user that posts a lot in a tag breaks navigation of that tag

 I think that's what's happening anyhow. If a user makes a lot of posts in a tag, and if you silence that user, their posts will disappear as is expected. However, this means that clicking the arrow to go to the next page of that tag no longer works properly. It will show you the same posts for a while until you click enough times that it reaches the point in the database I guess...? Where the person you silenced no longer has posts. And only then will it move on to show you more posts. I'm on Firefox on Windows 11, if that changes anything.

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Same here, it also happens with blocking. The most prominent situation with this was when I blocked and reported a spam account that was constantly posting in a niche tag, and then (until the bot was suspended) I had a very hard time navigating that tag. Because the problem resloved itself when the bot was suspended (and thus the posts removed from the website altogether, I assume the issue was that those posts were hidden but still counted in the "post count" of the tag. I'm not sure how much retooling of the visibility/counting of posts this would take to make this not an issue.

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