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Images and gifs in comments

Seems like an important element for back and forth discussion as sometimes you need to visually depict something, plus reaction images are a tried and true staple of internet discourse. 

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Oh, I guess this is already possible through markdown? That's cool. Then I suppose the request would be more along the lines of a shortcut button for this and/or the ability to upload images in comments. 

where can i do this via markdown? i have no idea how markdown actually works...

like this: 

![alt text](linktoimage.png)


ok, i found this out meanwhile, but doesn't that mean i have to host the image elsewhere? that's awful and really not what i want. i don't want my files to be scattered around in random places, especially not after the debacles of imageshack, photobucket, tinypic and imgur.

@Catonium: My way of handling this is to make a locked sidepage. I just make a post with the images that I want, and then grab their urls. Totally for a built-in uploader, though!

i was thinking of that... it seems so cluttered and almost... spammy, though. i don't know. i also think they should just implement image uploads in comments and that's it.

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