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Home page deletes itself if the site goes down

I just had the main page open and was going to draft a post, but then it suddenly became completely blank white with nothing there, and I couldn't see anything left of the old page, and when I tried to reload the page it had turned out that the service had gone down for the dozenth or so time today (probably from everyone still panicking about another certain site making itself go down).

The expected behavior is of course that whatever is running in the background for the current page displayed in the browser that checks for updates doesn't just delete the whole current page and should fail gracefully.

I am currently running in Firefox 114 on Linux Mint.

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After spending the last month with extremely flaky satellite internet I felt this pretty acutely.  Lost some posts and comments too.

This literally just happened to me as well. It seemed to coincide with my account being newly activated—I'd checked my place in the activation queue just a few minutes before, and after the tabs I had open went white one after another as I clicked through each of them (to my great confusion), I refreshed and checked again, and my account had been activated.

Probably the same bug. Unsure if it was triggered by the account activation or if activating the accounts happened to take the site down momentarily.

Running Firefox 118 on Windows 10.

I did some investigation into the issue a few weeks ago. Here’s my notes on that: It seems that Cohost doesn’t implement any sort of error handlers for when a web request fails. React’s default response to an unhandled error is to wipe the entire page, since the application is in an unknown state.

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