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The asks system allows you to irrevocably block yourself

The process is simple: write yourself an ask, then in your inbox, block yourself as a sender.

This doesn't just block you from sending yourself asks. It is a normal block, so it blocks your entire profile! Except... there's no way to undo that! There's no setting on your profile to unblock yourself. Nor is there in the settings, nor in the inbox.

It's pretty funny actually. It means we can't see any of our posts, and our notifications all link to [deleted].

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 Also, we just realised that someone did something very clever.

When someone comments on our posts, we can see in our notifications a preview of the comment, and a link to the comment. When we try to press on that link, we end up being sent to

And. Well. Someone made an account called @undefined! While it's very funny, a 404 might make more sense.

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Ah, last thing to report. We use 's Notification Popup userscript. That's how we've been able to see the replies to all our posts so far.

When we actually go to our notifications page (, no posts show up until we click load more. And then, only notifications that are older than a day or two are showing. No notifs from today. This isn't... like, an issue. The notification system being wonky when you block yourself is not really a problem; users shouldn't be able to block themselves to begin with. But we still bring it up in case this could be a hint of future bugs.

seconded that i also did this and @blep's userscript is the only way i can half-see my notifications, lol

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Ah. We just noticed one more weird behaviour with our notifs.

Still using blep's script (notifs page only replies to our comments, and follows), every time that someone likes or comments on our posts, it displays as "liked/commented on a _share_ of your post". It's always a share of our post, apparently no one has ever directly interacted with any of our posts. Again, this is not a problem, but we report it in case it exposes future bugs.

*we are still talking about blep's userscript because the notifications page only shows replies to our comments and follows. We realise that this could all be buggy behaviour of the script itself and it's none of your responsibility to deal with that. Again, just. Wanna be helpful and thorough with things that seem odd and suspicious.

I've manually fixed both of your self-blocks and we'll have a fix up to prevent people from doing this to themselves soon.

i am not surprised that things got fucked as a result of this, however all bugs stemming from blocking yourself aren't something I'm going to fix.

please do not block yourself.

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