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Asks have made many cohost RSS feeds incomprehensible

There's no indication in cohost's RSS feeds that a given post is a response to an ask. I now have to visit the website to check basically every post I look at in my RSS reader, or just hope that I'm not missing any context if I don't have an internet connection.

Please put the content of the ask in a blockquote at the top of the post content, with an attribution, to match the content of what's displayed on the website.

I suppose this is an extension of the existing lack of indication that a post is a response to another post, but in this case, it's particularly frustrating because the ask is presented as part of the post on the website, but not in the feeds.

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Agreed. RSS feed items do not include the ask along with the poster's response in the body. Adding the ask in the item body or title would provide useful context. (I think the body would be better suited to put the ask in because they can sometimes be too long to call it a title)
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