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Custom Timelines based of filtered tags/users/etc


Right now we only have two timelines, latest posts and bookmarked tags, and these are great, but sometimes I would love the option to make custom timelines based on a variety of settings and filters.

Example: A timeline that includes all the following tags: cats, dogs, pets of cohost, cats of cohost, cute animals, pets, (etc etc etc). But does not include: furry art, furry, (etc, no offense to furries, but sometimes you just want to see cute pictures of animals)

I could see a lot possibilities for a system like this, especially as cohost grows. Like for example, it would make it very easy to follow a specific topic or community. For example, one could have a custom timeline for politics that's a collection of specific tags or users, then another for shitposts. I think it could really help folks who have interest in a specific topic that is sometimes difficult for them so they could cordon off that to its own timeline instead of it just showing up in their bookmarks.

what do you all think?

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