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Cannot unprivate page after asks rollout

First off: so sorry to staff if you saw my bungled ticket lmao, I meant to post on the bug forum so that it was public (because I cant ask others on cohost whether they're getting the same bug for reasons that'll become clear below), not submit a ticket.

Firefox 114.0.2 on MacOS 12.0.1, I cannot unprivate my page, possibly because of the asks rollout. I think it's because the site thinks I'm trying to enable asks when not a staff member. Ironically I was trying to unprivate to comment on the ask announcement post that I wasn't getting the doubled icons bug when on kara's askbox page.

Update: I was able to make my page unprivated via mobile (the "save bookmark to homescreen" thing with Safari on iOS 15.7). Seems like it's an issue either with desktop cohost or Firefox specifically?

Sorry to double-reply (too much coffee) but I just tested this bug again on Firefox and it seems it's fixed! Thanks staff! Marking as solved but if anybody else on a different browser has issues I can unmark it again.

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