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More granular CW controls

There's been a couple of posts about this but they all appear to be way back in early access for when the feature was half-baked.

As a creator, the way CWs muffle nearly the entire post is a problem. I have consistently noticed that when I have cause to CW posts (for minor things like blood,) it gets virtually no engagement, far removed from the typical minimum of what I post. One thing I posted took 2 months to get ONE engagement, and that was only after several weeks in I went and undid the in-engine CW and did it manually myself, so that my post actually existed and isn't super easy to scroll past.

I would greatly appreciate the ability to specify what in my post needs a CW, and for that to be the only thing CW'd. The system already revolves around users self-policing, so I don't see how this could potentially be a major issue. I would also like if CWing text and CWing media was handled differently. The spoiler tag on Discord for instance blurs the image significantly and has a button to click to unveil it. Cohost can use their discretion here on what they want to show through.

It would make a major difference for me for controls like this to exist. It's no secret that people scroll through stuff and that pictures generate the most engagement. CWs hiding my pictures completely has clearly hurt that engagement in a big way.

I post to have my art seen. I don't feel good when CWing a post means taking it somewhere to die.

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