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Easier way to link specific cohost posts.

 Right now to get the link for a specific cohost post, to say share with your friends you have to click the time stamp on the post which brings you to a page that's just that one post. Its doesn't make much sense being there but does work fine. I propose there being an option to copy the url for the post itself in the meatball menu or from a share button at the bottom of the post.

Sharing cohost posts with other people is nice and also I guess leads to more people to using the site if thats a goal. Sharing posts is a vital part of any website like this and having it be hidden in a weird spot makes it harder for newcomers to use this feature. This isn't a high priority probably but I think would be nice for new users, to have it in a place thats at least labeled.

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there *is* a share button in the meatball menu (at least for me, on desktop), but it brings up some OS-integrated menu that i honestly don't trust very much. It might be worth it to have a "copy direct link" button and have the current one be labelled "more sharing options" or something like that.

in the meantime, right-clicking the timestamp and picking "copy link" works fine without needing to leave the current page, that's what i've been doing!

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