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A How-To Popup Guide for new users

 maybe it's just me but it took me an embarrassingly long amount of time (days) to figure out how to get to my profile and edit it, let alone share a chost! for context, i am still unactivated, and i'm perfectly fine with waiting and just lurking; but i thought i couldn't share posts or edit my profile because clicking my username on the top right dropdown, or the share button on the bottom of posts show nothing (may be a bug?). literally nothing happens

i only realized today that the way to get to your profile was by clicking the Profile button on the sidebar. i realized how to share by shift clicking the share button out of pure happenstance- i just did it at random. it just seems like either a bug or a cool potential feature (i'd have no way of telling haha). even just a little popup for new users could be cool indicating these things

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 As a new user, I happened to scroll right past the warning text at the top of the page without seeing it, and was very confused that nothing happened when I clicked post. I definitely expected that if I wasn't allowed to post, I'd get some sort of pop-up telling me so. I assumed the button was just broken due to my adblock or script blocking settings-- which, to be fair, could still be the case. But assuming that the behavior I see is the intended behavior, I think it would be smart to have clicking a disabled post button automatically scroll you to the warning blurb explaining the situation.

I also have had issues figuring out how to do the things the warning blurb says I am allowed to do, but I think the bigger issue I have is that clicking things seems to have no effect when it seems like it should logically either do the thing associated with that item or scroll me up to the warning blurb explaining my situation. The addition I might add is just another link to some sort of new user guide post possibly? I don't think it needs to be a huge coding project.

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