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Opening the share dialog uses max CPU for over a minute sometimes when certain posts are on the page

This is on Firefox 113.0.2; I've reproduced the issue with all add-ons disabled. Sometimes, clicking the share button on any post on my timeline freezes the page for a long time - so long that I didn't think to let it finish doing whatever it's doing until it happened today.

I can reproduce the issue with this post, both when it's on my timeline and directly from this URL:

Here's a profiler recording: - this uses the default "Web Developer" preset, let me know if you need more information than that.

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 I should also mention that the symptom of "page freezing when certain posts are present" used to happen once every few weeks, without interacting with the page at all. I didn't report it at the time because I wasn't able to identify a specific post that caused it. Now that I'm seeing it on this 6-month-old CSS crime, I have to wonder if this bug was fixed in an Age of Posting.

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