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Reminder theory for using CWs which already exist

Simply put, this request asks that, when a user goes to post something with a CW that has not already been used before, the website somehow draws their attention to this fact.

A possible implementation would be that, if a user presses "post now" on a post with at least one CW string on it which does not match a search for CW strings that have already been used, a popup is presented asking if they would still like to continue to post. The popup presents, as well, the option to go back to editing, on a big button along with "post anyway", and the option to bring up a list of very similar common CWs that the user *must explicitly click* to receive and which is presented as link-coloured text in the popup element.

This would massively reduce the presence of the current issues with the CW system:

 - users overuse it

 - users underuse it because they're not confident about using it

 - users put in unique CW text for a warning that itself hits triggers, sidestepping the CW hiding functionality accidentally

 - users traumatize each other over discussions of the system, unfortunately causing misuse of the system itself to be a trigger

 - misuse of the system triggering trauma responses in the above users

Keep in mind the provided example implementation is just a reference of one that follows all of the following usability rules: no accidental presentation, interrupt-by-default safety measures, high obviousness, preventing accidental harm to users who did not read what they were clicking into

Ideally this feature could also be turned off in the options, but would be on by default.

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