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Allow OP to view a list of post shares with content

 This is also talked about in this request from a few months ago, but I wanted to bring it up again -

Request: Allow OP to view content-added shares on a post. Would be accessed by on the post in question, maybe in the Meatball menu. Would show an aggregate of all shares on the post that add content (contentless shares would be ignored).

This can *somewhat* be achieved currently by using the Notifications system and skimming through Shares there. But if you've got a lot of notifications, a lot of posts, or a lot of people sharing your posts, it can get overwhelming. Also once another user shares a share of your post, I believe it stops notifying you, making it relatiely easy to lose the conversation.

Unsure of how deep the shares list could or should feasibly go: presumably OP + User A (as in Shares in Notifs), but could potentially go to OP + User A + User B ... up to a limit, where the OP could click on a link to see more, perhaps


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This seems like a reasonable idea, if you're trying to carry a brief convo over reblogs and things get lost in a busy notifications page. I 'rebagel' this idea.

I dig this very much but would also like to add the function for any user to do this on any post as well.  Especially useful for posts that actively call for addition/interaction, would be fun to see what everyone's getting up to.

Naturally would be appropriate for that to be opt in for whatever privacy nuances people subscribe to.

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 I am seconding Jinti. I want this to be available for everyone to view - being able to see if a post has an important update, clarification, or debunking from a poster besides OP is important in being able to combat misinformation and, on other sites, I would frequently check reshares to check for these things.

I also think it would be helpful in finding people to follow since you can find people interested in similar topics that are discussing it.

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 Boosted another request that's similar but I'll boost this one too, some way to see all the additions to a post is a killer feature and makes following conversations sooooo much easier.

Begging for this, honestly, and +1 as well to Jinti. I get not wanting things to become a numbers game, but it feels tough holding conversations without tools like this.

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I have an in-development client-side module that shows all of a post's shares and it's a game changer. Really don't see why this shouldn't already be a thing.

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