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mandatory visible cw on posts that are placed behind the 18+ clickthru

right now though most users are pretty good about it this has the potential to be a bit of a jumpscare - users should provide -some- information about what is behind that click thru...

accounts which have the 18+ on by default should be able to provide a basic set of tags that will automatically be applied to those posts from that account (i.e. #nsfw_art, #nsfw_text, #violence, #venting, or as specific to their own subject matter as they'd like to be, as long as there is at least SOME information about what exists under the clicky little button)

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i'm not totally sure what you're envisioning here, but i've been thinking recently that maybe post titles should be visible even before clicking through?  so you have a chance to know what the post is about

yeah, basically that - just wanting to enforce that if you are making content that you think ought to be restricted, that you -also- ought to specify to others WHY you think it needs to be restricted? 

just not looking forward to the collisions that result from violence, porn, depressive thinking, and many other forms of content being bundled together under a blanket "18+" without any other info provided to the reader

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