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suggest tags / cws on other users' posts

I would like to be able to suggest tags for other users posts, and v/v. this is a useful feature in a number of ways, many of which relate to the overal functioning of tag and cw blocklists. the feature becomes more powerful if it does not require universal compliance from every user, so outsourcing some of the tagging to the community is helpful to everyone

1: for content that is objectionable to a small part of a website's audience, this feature removes the burden for everyone to tag every post with every tag or cw that may be relevant to anyone (i.e. cw: food) and allows that part of the community to craft their own experience on the website without requiring everyone else to cooperate

2: for tags that are multiply-defined (i.e. pairing tags like m/f, male/female, hetero, or fandom tags with multiple relevant versions) this allows the community to somewhat democratically come to a decision about what tags to use and where to group posts

3: in general, the ability to tag posts makes blacklists based on tags/cws more useful for both me and for others who share blacklisted tags with me

4: its also fun and silly to suggest tags for friends' posts 

in my view, the feature would look like this:
On my end:
- I can set a profile-wide setting for who can suggest tags on my posts (nobody, people i follow, everybody)

- On individual posts, I can change this setting

On a reader's end:
- On the tags for the post, there is an icon similar to the "add tag" icon when making a post. I can suggest tags here. 
- Additionally, any time I rechost a post, I may have the option to suggest any new tags that I applied to the share.
- if a user has blocked me, or blocked tag suggestions on the post, I should not be able to suggest tags

Back on my end:
- I recieve a notification for posts with suggested tags
- I can accept or reject each suggestion, and if I reject a suggestion I have the additional option to stop this user from suggesting further tags on my profile or block the user outright.

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just leave a comment on a post to ask about tags.


specifically, no because
- other users should not be involved in the tag suggestion either as participants or peanut gallery. me asking "hey could you please CW this post with coulrophobia?" just creates a space for randos to apply social pressure to either me or the person i'm speaking to and turn the interaction from innocuous to contentious very quickly

- the history of the suggestion and its addition or non-addition is visible to other users, and it shouldn't be for similar reasons to the above

- the comment is inherently not relevant to anyone other than me and the original poster, so it would clutter up the site

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I would use this to suggest the "cute" tag on art that deserves it~ and to help unify people around using certain tags (e.g. suggesting that posts tagged "eggbug OL" should be tagged "intern secretary eggbug").

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I vote against this. If you want to add tags to a post, just reblog with tags. And if a post really REALLY needs a CW, just comment or send a message about it. Most people will be polite about adding CWs, I've found.

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i think this is a good idea, for the reasons already stated. Publicly suggesting certain tags/CWs through the comment system is awkward and makes you vulnerable, so a formal system for it would be pretty nice! Not top priority or anything, but i think it'd help people.

I don't know how I feel about this in either direction. I do think I would prefer something like this over commenting on a complete stranger's post - which feels very vulnerable, as said by others - or inflicting psychic damage on staff whenever someone doesn't use mandatory content warnings, which to my eye seems to be happening more often as of late. Influx of new users, maybe. That being said, I also see the potential for this to become intrusive in and of itself in many ways when I think about it being applied to other contexts.

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