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Silencing your own post still results in seeing notification badges for it

If you're trapped in notification hell from one post blowing up then you can't get out of it by silencing your viral post. In fact, silencing it will make everything worse, as you'll continue to see "ghost" notification badges for that post. I have reproduced this issue by engineering a post that was all but guaranteed to go viral, and then immediately silencing it. This feels like unintended behavior and I expected the silenced post to not give me any badges and to not show any notifications related to that post under the notifications page.

Here's some screenshots I guess:

The notification badge.

What the notifications page looked like while the post was silenced (contains none of the notifications the badge is referencing).

What the notifications page looked like after I unsilenced the post.

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having the same problem, getting a ton of notifications for posts i have silenced

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