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Profile comments

One feature that I miss on many websites these days are profile comments. It's nice to be able to say hi to a user, compliment their work (in case they're an artist or otherwise a content creator) or wish them a happy birthday. 

There should be an option to disable profile comments, of course. 

In the future, this would be a nice thing to see on this site!

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I like this as long as it is opt in and and people can remove/hide whatever comments they want from their page

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Was hoping someone already suggested this. With enough settings (opt-in, public and private, moderating, etc) I think a lot of people would be open to this feature. Would this also be considered a "guestbook"??

One reason I miss this in particular is greeting a long-lost mutual so they know who you are now. It's also a spot where people don't expect a reply (or at least usually); tell someone you like their fashion sense, or how funny they are, or how nice the CSS is on their profile bio, etc. Just a place where you can sign your name and be on your way.

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a guestbook would be cute

i've seen some people do this manually by making a pinned post that says "this is the guestbook, leave any comments here if you'd like!"

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i like it! might be a nice way to fill in the space next to posts on desktop

i'm in support of this, but ONLY if it's optional and i can turn it off on my sites. also it should have options on who can comment (everyone, logged in only, followers only)

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additionally, i think it should be OFF by default and not be randomly activated on pages that haven't been used in a while. users need to be able to turn it ON manually, otherwise there might be a lot of harrassment and spam on pages.

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I like this if it's optional. It would be great for artists
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