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rebug modal grows strangely when you type

the rebug modal is growing for me as I type (in one-character-width-increments), up to a certain width, at which point it stops.  It starts growing once you fill up a single line with characters (i.e. the point at which you'd expect text in the textbox to wordwrap).  This also causes the rest of the rebug pane to grow as well.

 This happens both on desktop and mobile chrome (but only in landscape mode on mobile).

Chrome version (desktop): Version 114.0.5735.35 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) / Windows 11

Normal width, just before it starts growing:


Max width (just after it finally stops growing and wraps):


(i'd've chocked it up to matter of taste, but the formatting of the post above the rebug modal seems broken, so it seems like this might be unintended, so figured i'd file a bug)

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