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Accessibility: Share modal creates keyboard trap

Issue: when using a keyboard, it seems that it is impossible to exit the share modal without sharing.

How to replicate: use the tab key to navigate to a share button. Activate it with the enter key. Use the tab key to tab through all the links/buttons. Note how it cycles back to the top of the modal without stopping on the exit button. This is a keyboard trap; if you can't use a mouse, there is no way to exit without completely refreshing the page.

Note: this appears to also be an issue with the post modal as well, but the post button at the bottom right that brings up the post modal is itself inaccessible by keyboard, so... kinda a moot point. I guess the main problem is that any button in that position (new post, exit button) isn't keyboard accessible. Luckily, there is a different post button that doesn't take you to the modal, so keyboard users aren't completely blocked from making posts.

How to fix: Make sure that the exit button (and the new post button) at the bottom right can be accessed by a keyboard and activated as a button (both space or enter should activate it). Alternative text/label for screen readers would be good, too, but I guess I can make a separate bug report for that if needed?

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Note: after further testing, the ESC key does work to close the modal, but that doesn't fix the situation for voice recognition, which relies on buttons having names and roles that the software understands. (It also doesn't fix the post button not working, which has different functionality than the post button in the header.)

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