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seems like cohost is guzzling my CPU after the modal update, at least on Safari

using the site on mac safari and ios safari is super laggy now, and peeking in activity monitor shows it's consuming 100%+ of CPU when i scroll. typing in any text field has like a quarter of a second of lag on both my phone and pc on multiple Pages and multiple pages. haven't noticed this before today. i turned off my userscripts/adblock and got the same behavior so i dont think that's it. can't check any other browsers right now though


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Just an addition that this doesn't happen on the Settings page at least. Followers page, it happens for a bit while 'loading more'.

Also, i should have mentioned, this is not happening with other sites on my devices – text entry & CPU usage for Tweetdeck, Youtube, Reddit to name a few, is totally normal.

Well i don't know if anything actually changed, but now it runs perfectly fine on both platforms. I could only max it out around 50% by scrolling like a maniac. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm having the same issue, actually, on both iOS and macOS.

Text entry is extremely laggy and hard to work with as a result.

Having the same problem, share modal is unusably slow on mobile Safari, I'm running a 1st-gen iPad Pro.

Also seeing this on desktop Safari. Happens especially when tagging.

Yeah, ^ marking as unsolved because the tagging experience is pretty unusable right now. See attached 45 second video where i try to tag something as "Tesseract" and where i am, i promise, not being purposefully slow in the slightest.

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I'm having issues when:

  • Tagging
  • Working with uploaded images
  • Working with large amounts of text

The issue is worse in the inline editor, but now pervades the standalone editor as well.

It's to the point even just rechosting an image to a different account is unpleasant as it takes up to a couple seconds for the account dropdown to appear. Working with large posts or posts with a lot of CSS+HTML is also no longer possible, forcing text to be generated by an outside source first then pasted into the editor for final preview. Tagging frequently hangs or lags out, sometimes completing tags early or not at all.

It has lagged the entirety of iPadOS at one point for me when working with a Base64 image in text. The keyboard stopped accepting input and the only thing I could do to remediate was close the app.

It is borderline unusable.

Curious, but what version of macOS or iOS & Safari did this start happening to everyone? For me it was Safari 16.x on macOS Ventura/iOS 16.x, but it persists through to Safari 17 on macOS Sonoma/iOS 17. People I've talked to who don't have the issue so far seem to be on Safari 15.x. I'm wondering if it's an issue with the newer versions of Safari.

I've been seeing slow performance on Safari as well, particularly when typing with the popover post composer. I'm using Safari 16 on Mac and whatever the latest on iOS is.

checking in on this. I basically can’t post from my iPad because the text entry lag is so bad. 

Do any of you have Cohost plus? And did you when the bug occurred, or were you freeby users like I am?

Yes, I have cohost plus and always have.

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Dang. After seeing another bug with the composer that the devs couldn't catch because they all had Cohost Plus (and it only effected non-Plus members), I was hoping this too would be related. I guess not. :x
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