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seems like cohost is guzzling my CPU after the modal update, at least on Safari

using the site on mac safari and ios safari is super laggy now, and peeking in activity monitor shows it's consuming 100%+ of CPU when i scroll. typing in any text field has like a quarter of a second of lag on both my phone and pc on multiple Pages and multiple pages. haven't noticed this before today. i turned off my userscripts/adblock and got the same behavior so i dont think that's it. can't check any other browsers right now though


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Thank you so much, this is an enormous improvement, I really appreciate it!

Working perfectly now. Thank you for saving my life!

Sorry this one took so long to handle, but we believe it is now fixed. Please let us know if you're still seeing major performance issues or other bugs related to the post composer.

Whoops, can't go back and edit my comment: I am running macOS Sonoma 14.1.1 (23B81).

Able to reproduce on macOS Safari 17.1 (19616. with these steps, after loading

- Open post composer modal

- Copy and paste "Velit veniam labore laboris commodo labore esse aliquip. Minim fugiat culpa laboris magna sunt non aute aliquip reprehenderit esse enim nulla quis. Ut pariatur esse ad exercitation deserunt adipisicing. Amet do consequat dolore. Culpa aliquip ullamco laboris cupidatat fugiat incididunt." in a new paragraph multiple times.

While the input lag is not noticeable at first, for me it starts to become an issue around ~5 copy/pastes, and seems to be related to layout invalidation and slow CSS repaints. The lag is present in both the composer and tag input.

I also found that disabling a particular input event listener on the composer's `<div data-headlessui-portal>` parent (see attached image) removes (most?) of the input lag within the composer itself, although the tag input is still affected.

my experience is:

iOS 16.7.1 on an iphone 11 (PWA): perfectly fine, only performance issue is things not showing how long they take to load

same iOS and iphone on regular safari: same as PWA except i have a loading bar so it loads as expected

ipadOS 17.1.1 on 4th gen ipad pro (regular safari): takes a couple seconds but it DOES start lagging heavily when typing stuff in a post modal

same ipadOS and ipad with PWA: same performance as the IPHONE PWA except, bizarrely, when trying to end a tag by using a comma it takes a second for it to register??

macOS 12.0.1 on M1 2020 macbook air, firefox: works like a breeze, even better than iphone

same macOS + mac on safari: worked fine for a few seconds until i resized the window and tabbed out and it started lagging so badly i quit out of fear it would brick my laptop

so.... no clue what the culprit is! i thought it was a more recent OS issue but my laptop is the furthest behind and worked the worst on safari.

not sure if related but firefox for android becomes extremely slow every time i scroll near an embed with the blur filter applied

This issue remains in effect for me, and is a significant issue. I've worked around it somewhat by disabling the post/repost pop-ups in settings, but I sorely miss having those functions, and would prefer to just have my damn CPU time back.

Having to wait a countable number of seconds to close an expanded image preview is very frustrating. My computer is by no means slow, it seems very clear there's some kind of leak being triggered by cohost's code here.

I know there's a sea of things to work on but this is a significant drain on my enjoyment of the website, and I sincerely hope the time can be found to address it soon.

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this bug is making it very difficult to post from Safari on my mac as well. I've got an M1 and Safari can't keep up with whatever is going on.

Dang. After seeing another bug with the composer that the devs couldn't catch because they all had Cohost Plus (and it only effected non-Plus members), I was hoping this too would be related. I guess not. :x

Yes, I have cohost plus and always have.

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Do any of you have Cohost plus? And did you when the bug occurred, or were you freeby users like I am?

checking in on this. I basically can’t post from my iPad because the text entry lag is so bad. 

I've been seeing slow performance on Safari as well, particularly when typing with the popover post composer. I'm using Safari 16 on Mac and whatever the latest on iOS is.

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