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Larger and less disappearing alt text box

The small size and visible-only-on-mouseoverness of the field for entering alt text really makes it hard to enter long and fully descriptive alt text. It would be good if it were a separate field that was always displayed, and large enough to allow you to see more than three words of what you're typing at once.

The way it is now really discourages users from using the feature correctly IMO.

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on top of this, for users of eye trackers like myself, anything that expects the mouse to stay in one place is going to completely break. using eye tracker alone it's nearly impossible for me to apply alt text, even if i try to copy paste it into the box.

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 Bumping this request.

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Ah, I came here just now to make a post about this!

The image description field is very difficult to use on mobile, and awkward on desktop. I have to write the descriptions on a separate application for notes, then copy/paste it into the small field. Trying to then edit this on cohost itself is quite tedious, needing to manually scroll between each character.

And, another minor annoyance: image descriptions can't be previewed without saving the post as a draft and then expanding the image on the direct post link.

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This should be prioritized by the team imo

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The gallery feature for posts has had a problem with alt text and descriptions for a long while, particularly on mobile. This needs to be fixed yesterday imo

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