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tag muffling case insensitivity issue

 i had #totk muffled, but then i saw a post tagged #TotK (which appears to be the canonical capitalization in the tag search) and the post wasn't hidden. so i went back and added #TotK to my muffle list, but it still didn't work. only when i went back and deleted #totk out of the muffle list did it start properly hiding posts tagged #TotK , which it's now doing.

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I tried to replicate this using the tags "zack snyder" and "The Cohost Global Feed" and the mis-capped tags "Zack Snyder" and "the cohost global feed" but I wasn't able to reproduce the issue where I had to delete the mis-capped tag to get the correct-caps tag to work... however, the base issue of "tag muffles allow you to put in a tag in the 'wrong capitalization' and it won't work" is definitely there, I can reproduce that easy. Maybe there's something more specific about the TotK tag text that's making an issue...?

 yeah weirdly if i put #totk back now it doesnt break it anymore . i think theres a CHANCE i entered #totk before #TotK was established as the canonical capitalization and that maybe had something to do with it but im not sure how to test for it

that's a good observation, i'll try that, brb

Hmmm unfortunately was unable to reproduce with that procedure. Here's a description of what I did:

  1. Set a tag muffle for "fdquf", which did not exist as a tag already
  2. Made a post with the tag "FdquF"
  3. Post did not have a muffle (expected buggy behavior right now)
  4. Set a second tag muffle for "FdquF" without removing the first one
  5. Post did have a muffle (correctly matching the second muffle)
So personally no clue on that one. Step 3 though, just to keep reaffirming, def a defect.

could have been a caching thing on my end ! i was pretty sure i reloaded stuff the same as when i was testing it out just now but you never know 

i still cant replicate this but i did notice in trying that you can put white space in that visually collapses but still prevents the tag from working right. like i could put "#TotK   " and it would appear normal but not work. maybe that was my problem with it last time

I also just replicated this and went to file a bug—I think it would be good to remove the case insensitivity note from the field until this is fixed?

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