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Make notification filters per page, not account

Sometimes my main page gets a little overwhelmed with notifications, so I filter out likes and shares. But this also appears to affect notifications for my quieter pages, where I would prefer to see all notifications. I'm not sure if it's possible to do this, and I don't know the best way to do it, but it'd be nice if notification filters were per page rather than account.

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Strongly agree on this one. I want to see every single like on priv but on main i really only want to see comments 

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thirding this, i'm an editor now on a page that i don't really want to see *any* notifications from but i can settle for filtering it to only the least-common type 

also if you uncheck all the notification types it won't filter any of them, which might be intentional so that you can't blank out your notifs page, but i'll file a bug for that separately since it seems more like a bug

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Gonna chime in to support this! I like seeing all the likes and interactions people leave on my main page, but on the alt fandom "question of the day" page I run I prefer not to see likes and follows and just focus on what people respond to the posts with. Being able to filter on the qotd page while leaving all my notifications enabled on my main page would be super helpful.

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Just adding on and bumping this to say I'd really like this too. I have a little writing prompts account where I just wanna know when there's a new story, but on my main account I wanna see my little likes and stuff. I'll defer to keeping them on but it gets me checking the prompt account more than I'd like to.

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