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Make search more intuitive/fuctional for newbies to find interesting things

This  post is inspired in part by UnregisteredHyperCadence's and tabatkins's additions to this thread.

I think using the search page to find neat tags and people is one of the most enriching things you can do on Cohost, but I doubt that's intuitive to many people - "search" sounds like a way to find Content from the past, not topics/people that will make your future on Cohost more interesting. I think it could be made a more natural starting point by e.g. renaming it something like "discover", promoting it in key places like a "find more tags" link at the bottom of your bookmarked tags, etc.

The search page itself could be made more functional as such a starting point. It ought to have some capacity to make suggestions to people who would otherwise just see a blank input and not know what to type in it - perhaps it could display curated tags/pages, or list pages that recently used Blessed Tags such as "#welcome to cohost" or "#artists on cohost".

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