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Blocking a page makes replies undiscoverable except when logged out

Here, I notice that a post of mine doesn't show up in tags or on my profile except when logged out.

And then here, I used a testing page to do the following: A makes a post, B replies to that post, A replies to that reply, and then B blocks A. This seems to have caused the exact same behavior, and I have a vague recollection of my second post being a reply to someone else's reply, so I think that's probably what's happening. (A silencing B causes almost but not exactly the same behavior; A still sees B's reply in the chain.)

Maybe being able to make a reply chain be undiscoverable in this way is an intended anti-abuse thing?, but the posts still showing up on profiles and in tags when logged out seems like a bug in that case, and maybe it'd be good to have some sort of "there used to be a post here" placeholder to avoid this kind of confusion.

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