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Bookmark a tag by a specific user

Often I am looking at a user's profile, and they post lots and lots of kinds of things, and only one or two are things I'm interested in. I'm trying to curate a following list that mostly puts a few particular kinds of content on my timeline/bookmarks, so this usually results in me not following the person, which is sad, because it means I probably just won't see the posts I'm really interested in from them.

Often these posts are tagged with something like #my-art, which I really wouldn't want to bookmark globally. If I could bookmark a tag from a particular user, my problem would be solved.

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There is another similar request here for muting specific tags by user. This would also be quite helpful for me, but doesn't fully solve this problem — to emulate this feature with that feature, you'd have to mute every other tag the user has ever used or ever will use, which is not very practical.

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