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view blocklist / silenced users

 i would like to review and unblock/unsilence users without having to keep track of who i silenced/blocked in a txt file. i had a few people silenced for excessively long posts before single-post silencing was a thing and i'd like to unsilence them now...

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boosting! like i mentioned in a similar feature request with blocking  i would like to be able to prune my blocked/silenced users at some point

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yeah, being able to unblock/unsilence people easily seems like a really basic functionality... I hope they implement this before any shiny new features

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the new option to hide 18+ posts in the bookmarked tags feed means that there are quite a few nsfw artists whom i no longer have any reason to silence. unfortunately, i can't remember any of their names.

I have no idea how long this has been the case for, but this is implemented now. It's in the profile settings (not the account settings because I guess silences/blocks are per-page).

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