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Silencing a user does not fully prevent all notifications from them

related to Silencing an account does not prevent repeat comments showing up in notifications and Silenced accounts' comments aren't visible on your own posts (but do spawn notifications), but more broad- I still receive from silenced users not only comment notifications but:

- Like notifications

- Comment notifications (with comment content, though the comments are hidden on the posts proper despite being counted in the comment counter)

- Possibly share/reply notifications? I'm uncertain of this one; I may be able to confirm it one way or the other if I get such a notification from a silenced user in the next few days. I will follow up.

as mentioned in those other posts, a temporary work around is to unsilence and resilence the account, but

(a) this is tedious, and

(b) there is a strong likelihood of accidentally clicking block (which has no confirmation dialogue) instead of silence, since they are right next to each other, and even if you unblock them, this situation would draw the user's attention to your avoidance of them, once they notice their account has been "soft-blocked", i.e forcibly unfollowed from your account, as unblocking does not restore the previous follower/following relationship

the ideal, expected behavior would be for me to simply never receive any notifications from a user I have silenced, no matter the notification type

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Pupdate: it seems that non-reply share notifications are proprely silenced

Second pupdate:  okay actually never mind, non-reply share notifications from silenced accounts show up sporadically without any particular pattern i can discern

furthering this, i just experienced it today.  It was a lke or a share just now.

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