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Setting to automatically hide/delete posts after a certain amount of time (Open-ended)

 Hey all! This is a pretty wide-open request with a ton of ways it could be implemented--most of which I'd be amenable to--but the core idea is that: I would love it if I could say, e.g., after a post has been up for 6 months, it is no longer visible or share-able. 

A grab bag of different pieces that could make up this functionality (though I'd be interested to hear other ideas!):

  • At a user level, a new setting that sets your maximum post age to 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, indefinite.
  • At a post level, the ability to change this setting.
  • After a post expires, instead of being completely deleted, it gets hidden similar to draft posts, and can be sharable via the link but cannot be found outside of that (via tags or via going to somebody's page and navigating backwards in time or doing either of these more expediently via the API).
  • Maybe a user can choose to make their expired posts visible again? E.g. by navigating into an "Expired posts" page and finding it.

In a sense, I suppose I am asking for a productized TweetDelete (if not TweetDelete Plus). This is just totally personal philosophy, but in general I think it is the exception and not the rule that posts should live in public forever.

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not sure how effective this would be with content archiving engines like the internet wayback machine, but otherwise, it could be a nice feature :)

if this did get implemented, i would strongly suggest having a warning that explains as such. once it's out there, almost nothing on the internet can truly be deleted/hidden/etc.

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