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Pronouns in tooltip

Due to the way cohost's sharing system works, you will sometimes end up replying to person A's post on person B's page. This means you see person B's profile but may be referring to person A.

It would be helpful, in these and other situations, to be able to see person A's pronouns without loading their entire profile in another tab.

For this reason I would suggest putting pronouns in the title tag of the `a[rel="author"]` field present on each post; that way a user need only hover their mouse over the author name to see their full profile name and pronouns if present.

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I like the idea of being able to see pronouns somehow, but in terms of implementation, I wanted to mention that that tooltips/titles take some work to make fully accessible:

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Another possibility: a toggle to display what people put in their pronouns field underneath their username/handle on their posts?

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yeah, that's one possible, much heavier solution than what I'm proposing

 yes please :3


I'm a fan of how Better Tweetdeck displays pronouns right under the person's title/username in every post they make.


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