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Much larger upload filesize limit

I know 10MB seems pretty big, and certainly it'll work for just about any JPG, but for GIFs and some PNGs and other file formats we may get support for later, 10MB is really, really small. I found myself having to scale GIFs down considerably and/or remove frames from them in order to get them into the 10MB range.

I do think that this should only come after implementing smaller-size thumbnails for previews so that it doesn't cost people a lot of bandwidth to just browse the site, but right now the 10MB limit really does feel overly restrictive. Personally I'd like to be able to upload anything without worrying about filesize limits or rescaling, but I understand that bandwidth costs money, so I won't say a particular number. Just, higher than 10MB, please. Preferably more than just a notch up.

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