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Searchable list of users with profile notes you wrote

Simple request: I would like to be able to see the list of users I wrote profile notes on, and what those notes are, and I would also like to be able to perform text searches on them.

There are many use cases for this. Not all of them apply to me personally but I am trying to think of ways it could be useful for people besides me. Just to list the ones that came to mind (please comment if you have your own use cases to add):

  • Finding people who you know post about a certain topic but might not be frequent enough posters to show up in your timeline or in tag searches, so you can check up on what they've been up to
  • Checking your notes for people who play a game you enjoy so you can try hitting them up for matches
  • Checking your notes for members of some group that you want to reach out to; for example, fellow union members that you've met on the site by circumstance
  • Finding the dev of some piece of software or whatever you're using, in case their software doesn't link back to their profile, but maybe you found the software through their profile in the first place
  • Keeping track of people who you've had poor interactions with before but didn't want to block, so you can recall behavior patterns if you keep having bad interactions so you can decide to block (not something I do, but, I can definitely see it being useful for people who tend to get trolls and aren't sure what to make of someone's intentions after just 1-2 interactions, especially if they're infrequent)
  • Similarly, checking your notes for people who you blocked to see why you blocked them, in case time goes by and you forget, then someone else asks you about that user and you need to know why you considered them to be a pest or potentially dangerous (again, not something I really need, but I can imagine it might be useful information for people who tend to get creepy comments)
  • Just, in general, simulating private user lists (stuff like "close friends" or "fellow [thing] enjoyers"), at least until we get the ability to do stuff like that
Obviously a lot of these things are things you could manually keep track of using your own notetaking systems, but I figure if the site allows you to write private notes on people's profiles for your own records/reference, then we should take advantage of it.

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