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Automatically embed certain links through privacy-protecting frontends

Doing this would protect the privacy of users and probably make them a bit less squeamish about enabling the iframely embeds (though, iframely still does not have The Best Privacy Policy Ever, but something's better than nothing)


  • Convert YouTube links into invidious embeds
  • Convert TikTok links into proxitok embeds
  • Convert tweet links into nitter embeds (note: nitter embeds are currently Not Very Good)
  • There's probably more; the LibRedirect browser addon has a kind of glossary of privacy-protecting frontends for various popoular websites on their main page
It may even be prudent to host your own versions of these privacy-protecting frontends if you were to do this, ones which only respond to requests coming from cohost links so your bandwidth costs don't go through the roof.

Doing this would go a long way to fill in the gap of not having rich media uploads as an option right now (e.g.,  webm, mp4, etc.) while still protecting user's privacy somewhat. Even after we get the ability to upload video or audio files, people will still want to link to off-site media and wouldn't it be nice to protect their privacy a bit more?
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