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The abbility to make list of chosts

 Sometimes I see a long chost I want to read but I don't have the energy. But when I do have the energy, I can't find it anymore! I would love to be able to insert them in a To Read list.

And at this point, why not have the abbility to make list of Chosts for whatever reason I want. I could collect post I find funny and look at them again latter.

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And before you say "that's what Like are for", I used to do that until I realised that giving a Like notifies the choster, so it got weird when I started liking stuff from six months ago.

You can make a privated account to reblog things to. The reblogs do not show up in the reblogged person's notifications. I've checked just now. You can also add reblog tags which you can search on your private blog.

I mean if this helps in the mean time? I imagine this would take a while to implement.

Private blogs are an ok workaround but it would be great to have proper lists and for them to also be something you can publish and share. For example, if you see a lot of great tutorials on a certain topic being posted, you can curate them into a list and share that either on cohost or off it, as a learning resource for others.

So make a new post compiling the links? I'm not sure I'm understanding the need for this so I'm bowing out .

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Actually, good point, making a post compiling the links works.

to add to the above, you can even make it a draft to keep the list private. it's a hacky workaround, but it'd def work for the time being x)

but anyway, isn't this basically a duplicate of

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 To JackDotJS: Looking at it you are entirely correct, it is a duplicate. I tried looking for to see if there was a thread suggesting that idea, but the keyword I wrote returned nothing. Which just mean I used the word keyword. Sometimes (a lot of time) I have a hard time finding the write words, this is what must have happened.


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