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A "new posts" indicator next to the Bookmarked Tags tab

It feels that people certainly use the tags on Cohost but don't always necessarily look at those same tags. I'm definitely guilty of this myself; I'll often only look through a tag after I've just made a post using it. The posts definitely aren't bad or uninteresting, it's just easy to forget to scroll through that section until I've said something that goes in that section. Though I never want Cohost to turn into a clone of Twitter or Tumblr, those sites do have a way of directing you towards specific subjects (uh, for better or worse) even when you aren't actively talking about them at that time.

An icon or a number next to the "bookmarked tags" tab - the one at the top of the feed - used to indicate there are new posts feels like a good way to drive people to that section of the site more regularly so they can keep up with posts about their interests. It wouldn't necessarily have to appear literally whenever a new post comes through, but could perhaps update hourly or so with a "X new posts since you last looked" icon.

Also (I forget if this is already a feature... apologies if it is) but maybe a generic list of suggested tags to follow for new users and those who currently have none bookmarked- The Cohost Global Feed, video games, gardening, etc. - commonly held interests.



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I would love to see something like this, although kinda from the opposite angle—the tags I follow aren't popular enough that there's new posts every day, so I usually when I click on the bookmarked tags tab, there's nothing new there. I would love it if something could cut down on that compulsion, so I only click on it if I know there's actually posts I haven't seen!

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