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Clicking "x new posts!" dialog shows silenced posts

When an account you have silenced posts a message while you are on your home page, a "1 new post! click here to view" dialog will pop up. When you click it, it will load the muted post muffled with the "We're hiding a post here because this post contains contributions by one or more pages that you have silenced" box replacing it. When you refresh the page, the post goes away completely, which leads me to believe this is unintended.

Repro steps:

* Silence an account you follow

* Be on your home timeline

* Muted account makes a post

* Click  "x new posts!"

* Note the muffled "We're hiding a post here because ..." post

* Refresh the page

* Note the post/muffle is gone

Expected behaviour:
* silenced posts don't trigger "X new posts!" popup, and clicking the popup should not show silenced posts, muffled or otherwise


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this is an issue i've also found frustrating. would love to see addressed in the future.

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