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'Content Tags' or 'Hidden Tags'

Hello! I believe it would be useful to have a second set of tags known as Content Tags, or Hidden Tags, which could have their display toggled if required. Here's the reason for this feature request: Hypothetically, I don't want to see Skeletons on my feed. So in my settings I've filtered/blocked #skeletons #skulls etc. However, there's lots of art posts out there that contain skeletons and will either not be tagged at all, or don't mention skeletons in the post body, or have other tags (#art, #fantasy) and therefore still show up in my feed. I also don't expect posters to have 20+ tags on their posts describing everything in the post as this is unreasonable, and can ruin the visual design of a post, if that's something you care about. I think it would be great to have a second set of tags for a post which are hidden from the viewer (unless toggled), but still function the same as tags. That way, posters can include all their content-warning style tags (#skeletons, #food, #blood, #porn, etc) so they can be caught by filters, without messing with the visuals on a post by including 20 tags on the bottom.

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