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"Not For You" Tab

this tab, next to "bookmarked tags" shows you a page of posts entirely at random from users that you do not follow and tags that you do not subscribe to

there are maybe 10 posts a day randomly placed here and they do not refresh

(tab should also respect blocked tags and cws and any other content preferences)

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 but what happens if one of the randomly selected posts is well within my interests? :thinking:

While putting posts completely at random is still technically an algorithm, I like this idea enough that I think I'd be willing to overlook that in favor of the reward of getting lucky enough to discover something cool and small by pure luck every once in a while. 

I will say that I feel like your posts getting shuffled into this should be opt-in by default, as opt-out by default would potentially give people exposure they didn't ask for (if you choose to limit discoverability of your profile by never tagging your posts and never leaving comments, for example).

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I think an elegant solution to opt-in versus opt-out would be that posts without anything in the tags would be excluded. That way only posts with #books would show up, even though you don't subscribe to #books.

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