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Dual-pane markdown editing

A lot of the sharp corners of this site, even though it still requires the use of markdown, would be a split-pane editor, with the live-rendered markdown on the right,  and the raw text editing on the left.

Obsidian and a few writers allow this, and my understanding is it's less of a chore than live update at the block level within the editor.

a useable interactive example (from the top of google results) if people want something to get a feel for.

There might even be drop-in solutions, I haven't looked. 

But that's how I edit my posts, I just use an external editor, but I figure other people might benefit from it, especially when it's such a nice way to learn markdown, and helps you prevent some of the sharper edges (ending lines with punctuation or a double space being the largest.)


if it's not a huge amount of work, that is.

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