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Please consider using 'Cloudflare Turnstiles' as a CAPTCHA Solution

 Hello :)

I am new to the site and so far I think it is great.  The only thing I would change is the image-based CAPTCHAs to use a silent CAPTCHA with simple checkbox for higher risk visitors, provided by 'Cloudflare Turnstile.' 

The Cloudflare Turnstile service can be used independently of the rest of Cloudflare, so you need not use their DNS or other services to integrate the CAPTCHA and it is free of charge.  I have switched all of my web clients' forms to use it and could not be any happier and we never have received spam since switching to it.  It offers a silent/invisible option that shows a simple checkbox for users who are more suspicous.

I am suggesting this because I can no longer stomach or stand clicking image CAPTCHAs anymore, and will usually stop using any service that uses them, as I have to fill out tons of them every day, and I would guess others feel as I do that they are not only aggravating but almost an insult to one's intelligence.  Personally I have grown to dislike image CAPTCHAs to such an extent that unless I *absolutely* have no choice but to log in and use some service I will just close the browser as soon as I see one and not use the service, irregardless of whether the service is better than an alternative or not.  Unless it is like my bank account or some critical thing I must do, as soon as I see those images I usually immediately write off the site and find an alternative, it is beyond words how aggravating they are to those who have to click them all day.

Thank you for reading and for your consideration, I am coming from the burnt out husk that was once Twitter and love the idea of your company philosophy and approach and grateful that you offer us an alternative !

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