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Option to hide posts with shares locked

it's extremely uncomfortable and upsetting for me to find a post that I want to reply to, but it has shares locked. I really would like a setting to hide all posts that have shares locked, so I can only see things that I can actually interact with. :(

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 I think it would definitely be nice to have an option to hide certain uninteractible posts for the reason that making posts unshareable in the first place is supposed to help discourage said posts from being discovered by random people. Definitely if a post isn't meant to be able to be interacted with in any way, it feels a little strange for it to be discoverable in ways such as via tags. Uninteractible posts are just a step shy of private and I think being able to turn them off would further help that feel.

I'd say that it might be best to have levels to this: Maybe a toggle to hide unshareable posts EXCEPT if you're following the user, or hide all unshareables no matter what? These are just thoughts, but I do think this is a good idea.

Definitely if a post isn't meant to be able to be interacted with in any way, it feels a little strange for it to be discoverable in ways such as via tags.

I don't agree with this. The point of a post like that is for it to be discoverable but not interacted with. But we specifically have a mental quirk that makes it extremely triggering to see messages that we don't have the option of replying to. Even if we wouldn't have replied anyway, being unable to is painful, to say the least.

We would like the option to hide posts that are uninteractable, not because they're not supposed to be seen, but because we need to not see posts that we can't reply to.

I see that this is a personal issue for you; I respect that, it's just that I can also see a use case for this as a generally useful feature for the greater userbase.

An uninteractible post is for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from an advertisement if it's placed in a publicly accessible tag. Whatever is put in it cannot be supported or refuted unless you screenshot and repost it (which defeats the entire point of having these posts in the first place) so it serves little purpose for users in general to be able to see such posts as they take up unnecessary space on one's dashboard.

I've personally found it annoying, not triggering, but it would definitely be more of a streamlined experience if I could optionally go without seeing these posts (as the unshareable status usually makes it evident they are only meant for a personal audience anyway). When looking at, say, a fandom tag, I would rather not have to have people's uninteractible personal posts clogging up that feed.

It would be nice to have an option to hide these posts in all contexts (i.e. even in our followed feeds). Regardless of the reasoning behind it being personal or general. And not based on a specific belief that posts are advertisements or not... just that some people don't wanna see them.

FWIW, I also want to hide posts that have only shares locked but not comments, or vice versa.

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