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 Ok hear me out before you tell me why this is against the website's ethos, because I don't think it is, I fully agree with and love the opposition to metrics and numbers as "high scores" for posting.

I would like the ability to see how many people I am following, and only how many I am following. I do not want to be able to see how many people someone else is following. I do not want others to see how many people I am following. I do not want to see how many people are following me or anyone else. I just want a quick and dirty way of evaluating how "big" my latest post feed is.

Such things help regulate how much internet you can scroll through in a given day. It allows you to self-impose an arbitrary number of people you're allowed to follow to make it so cohost doesn't eventually turn into an effectively infiniscroll website. I did this for The Bird Website and I know a few others who did similar and found it a very useful way to combat the slow growth in how much time things can eat.

As it currently is I'm hesitant to follow more people because I'm worried about the slow treadmill creep of having More Novel Stuff just a phone unlock and tap away, and I have adhd, my impulse control is terrible.

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i think this would be good! More ways to self-regulate are always welcome.

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